Sunday, 29 December 2013

House to Home

So the first project I worked on with the delectable Charlie Davis, supreme interior stylist, was actually one for the BBC Worldwide but due to ridiculously hectic first day of set up (taken down the following day) I didn't have time for dinner let alone any cheeky pics. So here's a little looky into the second project with Charles, assisting her with an internet T.V channels set for a show called Style Off.

This was over at IPC Studios aka Southwarks Local Labyrinth. Dance magic DANCE.

Ermmm, in my element! I always wanted an A La Carte Kitchen when I was a nipper so putting this swanking John Lewis version together, complete with wooden fire egg (YEERRRRRR), was blissful

First set, before we got the second Ffffffff on the go

Second set for makes

Here's one of the weeks YouTube videos from the lovely Nat and Steph for House to Home. If you like a bit of wensleydale with your Christmas dinner then this will be right up your street

slap that baby, make him free

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