Sunday, 29 December 2013

Gingerbread dreaming

Hello. Good lord I enjoyed this project, despite the multiple glue gun burns I occurred while trying to build all the destroyed or never to be seen buildings. It was conceived before I came on the scene, so I played the part of the dutiful midwife helping the birth along. It was for the luscious tasting and smelling Bompas and Parr for one the Christmas windows at Selfridges.

Myself and James, the architect, got busy in the basement building his creations. They were all structures that have been demolished over time or never came to fruition due to not gaining planning permission.

I was pleased to hear they were getting covered in gingerbread over at the Biscuiteers HQ as I have worked with them on previous event and am always impressed at their biscuity skills.

Ziggurats are cool

And off to the Biscuiteers they go……...

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