Sunday, 29 December 2013

AARRGHHHH Isabella Blow at Somerset Exhibition INSTALL

GOD damn I loved working on this job (Isabella Blow - Fashion Galore!), plus it lasted a whole delicious month. I don't really know where to start, not only did I get to work with a killer team and occasionally rub myself against an Alexander McQueen archive number but Philip Treacy popped up for a few days to sort his hats out. Lovely. Nice guy, who wore a lot of blue. Shona Heath, of Tim Walker fame, was co-curating with Alistair O'Neil and Shonaugh Marshall

I was employed as a dresser but ended up doing a bit of paint work near the end when it was all hands on deck. If I could do this all year I would. Maybe with a little bit of extra sleep. Excuse the fact that I have no pics of the actual exhibition, I took some videos but I don't think blogspot wants me to link those yet. So just go and see it.

The robots looking nudie

My favourite mannequins of all....getting ready for the Dante room. Aren't they gloriously spooky?

Getting ready.........

Absolutely stunning McQueen feathered dress. It kinda reminded me of loads of pencil shavings which was by no means any detriment to it gorgeousness

If anyone so chooses to marry me one day this is what I'd like adorning my bonce. Philip Treacy splendour.

I was so excited to see this sign go up and realise that you lovely lot were going to get to see the amazingness so soon.........

Amazing laydays. Only a small fraction of the team but they're my favourites

So sad it's over. You can go see the exhibition up until March though at Somerset House.

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