Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Puuuuuuuggghhhhh. NO Pugh

Noooo it's not another post about a guy who makes perfume out of shit. It's Gareth Pugh stupid. AND Ruth Hogben sneaks in at the end which doubles the watchability ten fold (I heard the Americans using this term and wanted to join in). It's deffers worth black and white-tastic clean lines watch. I imagine Ruth Hogben's kitchen is really tidy.

Plus there's been far too much colour and weddings involved in a lot of my latest blog posts....don't worry, Winter is encroaching and brights and chiffon are leaving the building. You can read about Diane Pernet and NIck Knight HERE too.

Monday, 4 July 2011

matryoshka preview

Here's a little peak at the Matryoshka film. It was filmed a while back now but I want to re-edit it so here's just a snippet, I like the editing that has been on this piece mostly so I thought it was about time I let everyone who worked on the project get a quick look! Thanks again to everyone involved, will put credits up when film is finished.

The idea came from a lecture by Caryn Franklin on the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk project ealier this year. I'd been wanting to work with plus sizes for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. Even though All Walks works with changing a number of aspects within the modelling world (race, age, size), I wanted to concentrate on the sizing aspect.

I decided to use Russian dolls as a basis as there's the obvious different size factor involved with them and after going through research it transpired the plus size buyer would rather shop in the same shops as the average high street and designer sizes shop, rather than having plus size stores or designated areas within a store.

After researching at LFW's trade show I found that barely any of the designers there catered for over a size 14 so it seemed like anyone who was over a size 14 didn't exist. Which is the idea behind the film, showing models of different sizes crash landed from a planet where different sizes actually exist. Who'd have thought it! I was shocked with the findings at LFW, that none of the up and coming designers were even attempting to design for a diverse amount of women's bodies but just that off the naughties traditional long thin silhouette. I believe Caryn said that when Dove included a range of sizes and ages within their campaigns that their profits rose by 300%!! So someone's really missing a trick.

the wedding dress

After a couple of toiles and one ridink late night, with 2 hours sleep, the wedding dress was finally ready! This is what I have been spending my spare time on over the last month, social life revival ahoy! I swiped some pics off facebook to show the dress....Laura looked so beautiful!