Monday, 16 May 2011

Teenbook launch

Click HERE to read and we start on page 58. Not sure about the box placement on pages 62 and 63, covering up the best bits! Oh wells. Thanks to the editor Sara Qaddoura for asking me to be involved. :)

Born in Brick Lane finals

Here's the finals. Creditos-

Photographer - Sarah Brimley
Stylist - Me!
MUA and hair - Lucy Barnes
Models - Theresa Adebiyi and Sarah Isle

Thanks to Tatty Devine (super special thanks as the shoot resulted in their Brick Lane shop losing a window panel!!), Queues de Sardines, Ellis Currie, Scott Anthony and Sophie McAndrew

Sunday, 15 May 2011

my dollies

Few behind the scenes snapples before the filmerson is put together. BIG UP yoselly Grandma Clarke, mahoosive thanks for lend of your lovely house and grand cake making hospitality. Can I take her on every shoot I do? Thanks to all the girls involved, full credits to follow when I put the final up xx