Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This is how much the Brits interested me...

Vice to see you, to see you Vice. Hello. So you wanna win some nice material belongings to enhance your life? You should go visit this competition -
Seeing as I have a Mac instead of a boyfriend and I like films, this is my entry.
Which is disqualified as it's not a photograph, so don't be as stupid as me and stay ahead of the game with a 2-D stationary pixel party.
Have fun.
You can win a bag

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

An Imaginary Portrait...the FINAL film!!

Thanks to all who made this possible! Here is the final film which has been brewing in my head for about 9 months and it's finally come out to hello to the world. Enjoy. 'ello.

Thanks to-
Sarah Brimley - Director of photography
Jacqui Bolton - Model supremo
Lucy Barnes - Hair and make up mogel
Xanthe Harman - Soopa doopa wing man/assistant
Johnny McMillian and Emily - Helper elves to the photographer

behind the scenes on the AIP shoot...

...if you can spot Xanthe, you get a free banana
Lots of clever sausages involved!