Sunday, 29 August 2010

Styling Rokhsan.

Styling singer/songwriter Rokhsan for some up and coming promo shots. Photographer Sarah Brimley. With thanks to Tatty Devine and Beyond Retro for the lends....yet again. All Saints, sort your press department out.

Spent the day at Sunbeam Studios in London getting some looks together for the lovely Rokhsan. She sings nice songs so go check her out on the link above! Yerr. The day went well apart from running over schedule slightly (hmmmmm 2 and a half hours!) but I think Brimmers was on a roll and didn't wanna stop snapping! This shoot was a bit different to my norms as I am normally dressing the model in accordance to the photographers demands but as these pics were for Rokhsan herself she had more say in what she wanted to wear. So it was important to give her pieces which suited her and what her music represents. Not sure if I completely got it right but we filter through the clothes on offer and came up with some looks. I think she looks awesome! Hope she is pleased with the final looks.

That's it. YUP. goodbye

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Assisting on the Tatty S/S11 shoot

Here's a few behind the scenes pics of the Tatty Devine S/S 11 shoot we did on Monday, I was assisting John the stylist. Obvs can't actually show any pics of the jewellery as it is not coming out until next year and Topshop will be hot on heels of any inside news they can get so they can rip it off (poor Topshop, poor). What exactly is going on with Arcadia at the mo (Evans is a crap excuse for a plus size store, Topshop is boring and Miss Selfridge has an unhealthy obsession with jersey. Come on guys).
Anyways, rant over. The studio we used was in an old church but in the end we shot everything outside in their garden as the photographer preferred the lighting out there. I think there's gonna be a second shoot as still have more pieces to photograph but I dunno if I'll be able to go on that one. We shall seeeeee. That's it. Goodbye. I have period pain.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Styling for Brimley - FINAL IMAGE

Here's the final image from the shoot I styled for Sarah Brimley for her Beefeater Gin competition entry. I'm REALLY pleased that Brimmers went for a shot from the earlier line up on the when more people turned up later the styling started to look messy as the clothes ran out to give out! I think the styling runs really well in this picture.....happy! Thanks to Beyond Retro and Tatty Devine for the lends. EXCELLANTAY. The only thing I'm not keen on is the pointing goth girl's face and massive hand. Otherwise I think everyone looks fab. Yeah I said fab. Good luck Brimmers!!!!! wayyy.

pimp my crapping bike

Me and the metal paint got busy and jazzed up this old raleigh. It's gonna be used as advertisement for Tatty, hence it being covered in the black logo (which I lovingly hand painted on). How nice of me. There's another one to come which Otanuma has already given a base coat of T.D pink to and now I'm gonna jazz it up like it's going to its first rave. That's it. Goodbye.

Saturday, 7 August 2010