Sunday, 27 June 2010

But Mother.....Your Tatty is Devine. Yeah we're at the Clothes Show

Tatty Devine made this one off piece especially for the Clothes Show London, it was given away in a twitter competition coinsiding with the event......pretty sweet ay?!
Our stall at the Clothes Show........being manned by the lovely Nina (sipping on one of the free Martini's!!)
George Lamb and his Pops happened to get mobbed in front of where I was eating my lunch so I had to get a quick snap in myself!! He must be a stunner if he managed to pull off red kecks and red espadrilles at the the same time!! Good show. Kirsty is super smiley as she has just made a new BFF in the form of Hugo from Come Dine with Me. Chuckles. He was working opposite us on the She stand, they bonded over their swanky up bringings and Tatty Devine jewellery! Liz manning the stand before we swapped all the jewellery for praline filled Kitkats.
And finally, myself looking miserable...excuse the photo, it was the best out of a bad bunch!! So pleased I got to experience the Clothes Show from the other side of the table and all the work that goes into exhibiting there. It was good to chat to the other stall holders and hear about their personal Clothes Show experiences as well, a couple felt it was a lot of work and a lot of money for the actual outcome...I think the Clothes Show Birmingham is probably more worth while in that respect as the venue is so much larger than the London one. Good craic but very tiring!!
Also I am pleased to say that I am going to become a permanent resident at Tatty Towers, looking after their Brick Lane shop on a Saturday and helping Amy in the shop on a Sunday. Very happy that my work experience has lead onto a job with the company as it is a super dooper lovely company!! Happy days.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Schadenfreude revisited....

I've always like the development of possible garment ideas within this project (first year fashion illustration module) but have never used them for anything. We had to develop garment ideas and fashion illustrations from a colour and an emotion, I think the journey of the emotion I chose (schadenfreude) would fit in well with the idea of developing an underwear and lounge wear collection. As I used really bold and oversized pieces which would work well for the lounge wear then going through to near nakedness and underwear pieces to show the vunerable side of the emotion. To be be developed...

surface pattern testers

Just looking through an old uni project to get inspiration for a collection I want to develop, I found these drawings practising surface texture and pattern from old clothes we bought in. I miss drawing. Must do some then!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Work experience equals RAD sunglsses. yeah I said rad. And yeah I missed a capital. AND yeah I started a sentence with 'and'.

Ahhhhhhhh yeah. That's right. Got the Peter Jensen/Tatty Devine collab specs on. These crafty buggers joined forces to bring us these little beauties for Jensen's S/S 09 collection and I have been madly in love with them ever since. If I wore these down the beach it would let everyone else know I'm mental, rather than just keeping it to myself.

Monday, 7 June 2010

oh ohh ohhh Marrrgeila...

So I went to the Maison Martin Margeila exhibtion at Somerset House this weekend (errr, can I just mention the amazing floor water spouting jealous of the kids playing in them! be good if they spouted Fanta, especially on a hangover). Anyway, thought I should start a new sentence now, I found this pretty inspiring and very interesting to see the insight into the whole Margeila brand being at a time when I am thinking about ways of branding myself. A theme that stuck out to me was his desire to be unrecognised and remain incognito...this obviously transpired into his work, a main feature of that being that his models have their eyes constantly covered (it's like when the front of the Sun covers a nipple, you can still see the boob...cover the eyes and you can still see the face...why are eyes and nipples so important?).

Anyways, I really liked looking at his advertising and exhibition invitations, they were really fun and it looked like he really just used whatever idea came off the top of his head. Much more fun than a plain old piece of cardboard. I was drawn to the invitation made to look like a school child has drawn it and to go with it his over sized garments as I thought it carries through the kid theme, looking like you're wearing your ma or pa's clothes. I have an obsession with being young but not in the Hollywood sence, in the I loved being a child and the hands on trial and error creativity it brought and when you were free to run around fields allll the time and make dens. I'm not sure how this philosophy will transpire into one that works with underwear design but we'll soon see! Accessories not so much a problem. Maybe I can recreate the shop my cousin Lucy and myself set up in the gap in my Grandma's fence as a child for some kind of personal campaign, we managed to flog a hair band before getting caught.

We weren't allowed to take pics inside, which is a shame as they had an amazing white den with camoflaged white arm chairs and white confetti in the middle of 3 walls of T.V screens playing Margeila footage, but here is one of the caravan(?), advertising where the exhibition is. I like this caravan. Maybe Margeila was sleeping in it, spying on who went to his exhibition. See...mystery gets you thinking....