Monday, 24 May 2010

Peaches forrrrrrr The Creators's too late to think of anything witty

With the next segment of the Tatty Devine placement ever more encroaching I thought it apt (is that a long enough to be a good word, whoever said bloggers can't write properly?) to use a pic of Peaches in her FAAAAAABulous Tatty made necklace to let you know about her spot on The Creators Project site. If you like this necklace you're probably gonna love her removable back-up singers projection dress................yeah that's right, go here to check it out - Yeah I did. Forget Chalayan and his lazers, this gal's got lazers with music. What a feast. And is that some Charlie Le Mindu I spy on her back? Answers on a postcard.

Spindle favourites........

Photography - Sam Eddison, Clothing - Oops!

Photography - Milo Belgrove, Styling - Brett Isherwood
Photography - Bartolomy, Clothing - Emma Bell

I was excited to check out the fashion shoots after working on styling a lot of shoots myself over the past year and a half.....these were my favourite pages, loving the clothing and styling in all three pics and I like each individual way the shoot is shot, showing off the different style of the photographer. This has given me inspiration for a new photoshoot concept, I'd like to get the old Mr.Benn team back together to create something spectacular in the forest......but that's all I'm saying for now!! Good work Spindle team!

Spindle Magazine launch

Spindle Magazine put on wicked spread for their launch party at Madam Geisha's in Brighton last Thursday. Nice to bump into some old friendly faces......Emily Bosence of Oops! fame, who I did work experience with last Summer, has taken on the role of fashion editor for Spindle. I'll put some of my favourite fashion pics up in a mo. Also nice to see some of the Bournemouth fashion kids down there and the lovely Carley Taggart.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Look what the yummers at Tatty Devine made

My return is imminent and just in the post today I received these little beauties from the fair maidens at Tatty Devine. Love it!! Thanks so much. I will be leaving the jewellery making table to help Amy on the P.R side of the biz.......cannae wait! See you soon

It's not Easter........but I'm making a jumpsuit anyway

Here's a little sneak preview into a jumpsuit I'm making to wear for the Spindle mag launch on Thursday in BBBBBrrrrrrritghy. The lovely Emily Bosence of Oops! has been assigned as fashion editor and their first issue has gone to print and I'm going to celebrate this with some spectacular 90's rap fabric all the way from BAHHHHHHHjing (aka. Beijing). Keep your peepers peeled for an issue coming to a town near you.

Me, I am a cre-at-or..........

You like breakfast? And you like clubs right? The perfect combination helps to bring inspiration for this little tasty treat you see before you. The good eggs at Vice magazine have teamed up with.....err a shit load of people....and Intel Computers to bring you 'Creators of the Future'. Lisztomania (Phoenix, SF bratpack mash up) is just a taster of what they have to offer, go to here to check the other projects up for human visual consumption. I picked this vid out because I felt like this today and it made happy like the recent Craig Lawrence for Another Magazine vid should check that out too. Lots more exciting goodies to come from this project. Noice.

Monday, 10 May 2010

location location.

My behind the scenes shots from the lovely Izzie Dellar's latest shoot. Izzie as stylist and art director, myself assisting the styling, Jace Kane modelling (LMP), Jonathan Mist photographing and Lewis as chauffeur (and body guard in Boscombe!). Nice. Will upload some of the final images when finished. Last picture Jace is wearing vintage material jumpsuit made by myself. Thank you, goodbye.