Thursday, 29 April 2010


Part of current project. Can't be bothered to explain it now. Wine and a viewing of a documentry about the Ipswich prostitute murders a couple of days before does not make for a pleasant walk home at half one in the morning. Yick

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Styling Sara

Working with Tesey again, obvs, using a bit of Ma's vintage Laura Ashley and other goodies to help make her 'Sara' shoot. The pics are stills taken from a film Mo shot around New Forest and Bournemouth beach, I really like the over all look of the pictures created using this method. Noice noice. Now to actually do some work on my own projects! Wahhhhhhh

Mr.Benn finals. luffely.

Here's the finished work, styled by myself for Anna Morwenna's project based on the old cartoon character Mr.Benn who takes on different personas, modelled by Dan Cansdale, within different episodes. Thanks to Stuart Alexander for Deco, Izzie Dellar, Gwilym Lansley, Melanie Burt (designer of black face mask) and Hannah Simister for making things a little more possible! Grand.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

YES my chair revisited........hollaaaaa

I've never seen one twice......AMAZINGGGGGG. And look, it's all alone now.

New title

Photographer - Anna Morwenna Tese
Model - Dan Cansdale
Stylist - Lou Clarke
Clothing - Deco

Ta loves!! :)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Neeeeeearly mid way through Tatty

Oh Hi Tatty Devine. So I managed to restrain from buying ( I was actually too poor) for the first week but got myselly this yummay telephone brooch loving made by the Tatty own fair hands did not touch this one. I'm gonna go phone some obviously hot and well nice boys who like Pans Labyrinth and sleep overs.........the phone is not real......

Oh hiya......

saucy minx.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Madre's got the knits

Obviously I have completely given Tavi a run for her money on the photographing yourself for your own blog stakes. I'm not going pro in this game. Sooo, just checking out the Madre's knits from back in the day, when I was busy learning about spelling and condoms...Ma (JOOOO clarke) was getting her knit on. BIG style. She said she used her knitting machine everyday to do something or another because she had a knitting machine there an official name for this? My project is partly based on old skool knits from when I was a nipper so here's a lickle beeta research. No donations. I'm off to knit with squid now......wish me luck. erghhhhhhh
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Sunday, 4 April 2010

I thought you said Yes. Improper use of capitals impresses me

I left you on the coffee table. Now I've found you. I really wanted to write 'Now I found you' but this really doesn't make for good English so I talked myself out of it.

'You talk in thoughts'