Monday, 15 February 2010

My flyer concept recycled.....all for a good cause!

Mo asked me to help out with the flyers for her BA commercial photography fundraiser night.....but we fell sort of time realising we were a week behind so have recycled my River Island flyer idea but it seems to fit in pretty well with this new nights title so...yay!! And thanks to madame Riou for lending me her butt. Much appreciated! See you on Wednesday..........

Saturday, 13 February 2010

So who is going to make my wedding dress now?

No really, who is going to make my wedding dress now? I always planned to marry in an Alexander McQueen dress, unfortunately for my Dad's bank balance, this was the only thing that was a must and uncompromisable (is that a word?). These plans have pretty much come to a holt.

Lee Alexander McQueen dies 11th February 2010.

It's pretty much left me as speechless as one of his runway shows. Being obvious that there is not one designer even coming close to being up to scratch to take over his fashion empire just shows what a true individual genius he was. Being a master tailor with a dark fragile creative mind bred for an insanely captivating imaginary tale told in the form of a fashion story. I am in love forever.

In 2003 I was lucky enough to be in his presence attending An Audience with Alexander McQueen which was presented by the Times Style Magazine. Arriving late as I read the time on the ticket wrong I got there just in time. Thinking I was arriving early to get a prime front row seat I ended up one row from the back but sitting in the very back row just a couple of seats to my right was McQueen's pioneer Isabella Blow. Sporting one his past collections hats, a white and red semi circular oversized head piece, she fidgeted around from sitting to standing through out the interview.
The main two main memorable moments about the interview, apart from thinking he was really down to earth, were that when it was time for questions he said 'and don't ask for a job' which gained a laugh from everyone in the room and a story he told earlier in the evening of when he was a child. He talked of when he lived at home with his Mum as child he drew a picture of a fairy or a lady and she left the drawing even though he had defaced the wallpaper...he then went to say 'but I bought her a new house now so it's probably not there anymore' in his cheeky manor.
Another two things he said relating to his work, he went on to talk about how he felt the press never really captured exactly what image he had going on in his mind when it came to work but he said 'they sometimes get it right'. To me this indicates his level of absolute personal perfection he wanted his work to entail, creating the exact image that he was aiming to portray from the thoughts in his mind, bringing his conceptual sensitivity to life. I can't remember the other thing I was going to write right now butI'll get back to you if I remember.

I'm sure Tavi will happily piss on everyone elses blog about McQueen's death by collating a retrospective of every single piece of his work to date (which none the less I will probably enjoy having a read of) but this is my own little insight of thoughts and experiences with the lovely late Lee Alexander McQueen 1969 - 2010. Goodbye to him and his beautiful mind.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Izzie does the Internet

Here are the pics of my jumpsuits ready portfolio action. YAR. Thanky to lethal Izzle for doing a spot of modelling and thanks to Irregular Choice for the shoes. God bless you lord of shoes. Oh and thanks to, yeah you guessed, Mo Tese for using her camera to make pretty pictures for me. Yessy to the Tesey.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

day of castings. i filmed it innit.

Photographer - Anna Morwenna Tese

Models - Izzie Dellar
Maddy Fishman
Gwilym Lansley
Dan Cansdale

And the Madster and myselly helping Iz do a hand stand!!

filmy filmerson

Here's a still from the test film below. This is for another collaboration with the Tesey for her project called Imagine. While Tesey photographed Sarah Riding for test shots using the bath, I filmed it. I am also doing the styling for this, the garments in this piece were more just for a quick test to see how different materials worked in the water, I think the Kate Moss oversized floaty lace shirt was the winner, shown above. It goes fairly transparent but maintains the lacey detail and giving a sensitive yet provocative feel.

ooooo sensible post. goodbye. here's the vid (Burial, Fostercare track over film) - oh and I can't make it any bloody smaller!! -

Modern day Mr.Benn.....

Ok so these are a couple of outfit ideas from a new styling project I'm working on with Anna Morwenna for her Mr.Benn concept. Here we can see the Mr.Benn character as himself and as a caveman. I'm going to use mainly vintage for this project. Borrowed the vintage blue suit from Gwilym and my Dad's orange Harris Tweed suit is on it's way!! Fresh from the 70's! I'm really pleased with how the photo's look already....thanks to Dan Cansdale for his modelling expertise! Off to try more outfits at Stuart Alexanders vintage shop in Pokesdown next week.....

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Amaze amaze...loves it i do

I'm not sure but I can't help but fall madly in love with this film. Maybe that says something about my choice in boyfriends.

Material and wire test stills from A.I.P

Paper shape testing for A.I.P

I prefer the shapes created from the papaer templates as the angles are sharper, I'm sure this can achieved within the material panels as well....just not sure how yet, will need a bit of experimenting with different material maybe.

Line drawings for A.I.P project