Friday, 22 January 2010

Indentical twins illustration for A.I.P

I can't draw the other twin. I had to take the gross lady off as she was making me feel icky, she lives on in paper form only.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Super stylin' lin lin

Here's a couple of pics from the final layout with txt. Shot and edited by Anna Morwenna Tese and styled by myself. I might put the new whole sequence out and scrap the others but here's just a taster for now. Yummy.

Monday, 4 January 2010

The Lost Hour....

My Native Manga shoot lead me to think of this programme, Eerie Indiana, I used to watch as a childer, although it gave me the willies and made me feel a bit sick....I must have still watched it, was probably bored.

The titles on this also really reminded me of the content of an Arbus photograph, which is relevent to my current project. I like the idea of a lost hour. What would you do in a lost hour? ANYTHING. A lost hour. A dream. I often confuse reality with dreaming, especially from my childhood. If you could remember or relive just one hour from your past what would it be? Or create something completely new and impossible to achieve in real life?

Native Manga pics minus title and illustration

Here's the pics without illustration on except the last shot, unfortunately can't find the original at the mo. I haven't changed the layout, just wanted to get an idea of how they looked by them selves. Need to do a new title and credits.

I think I do prefer them without the illustrations and I have made them slighty less vibrant which I think gives a slighty more eerie feel which I like. I want to get some kind of a website together over Summer to put in my styling work along with my designing work, which I still need to do the shoots for. Eek.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Native Manga shoot

This is a project from my first year of uni which I have never put up.....mainly coz I was going to re-think the illustrations on them as the tutors said they didn't think they went well with the pics and took over too much. BUT I decided I kinda like them, although I am gonna have a mess around when I get some free time and see if I can make an edit I like without the illustrations, which shouldn't be too hard as I like the pics (thanks go to Madame Tese again!!) but they need sorting out and putting in the layout again. This was made aimed towards Amelia's Magazine but as that doesn't exist anymore it seems a bit out of context so if I re-do them I'll probs aim at Lula or something like that. Yup. That's it. Oh and thanks to Tasha Hale for her modelling skills!! Yay!!