Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fashion's got beef.....and no, I'm not talking about Gaga's meat dress

Nice to know someone else's got Christmas beef, there's just no need is there? To read the full story go put your peepers on this Vice article - click here - it's DEFINATELY worth a gander.

The still is from an up and coming film called Black Swan which is sounding like a feathery dance version of The Secretary, move over Gyllennhaal, Portman is coming through. Rodarte are providing the costumes so I know ghetto smurf Tavi will be super happy, even if Vice aren't! Looks like the perfect amount of corruption and dance to have me hooked, I'm pretty excited. That's it, happy christmas. Yeah no caps.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Photoshoot live.

Here's a super crappy screen grab of the Tatty/Penhaligon's shoot....this was from when it went live on the front page of the Tatty site. I didn't have photoshop at the time (Adobe you big shits) and had to make do do with a paste into Word.

After doing this shoot I have decided to leave styling alone for a while, unless more opportunties like this come up of course but no more student help outs, as I want to focus on my own work and styling isn't where I meant to end up! After working with Mo on her end of second year and third year fashion photography projects I have bulit up a good portfolio in styling and it has led onto other projects but I want to go in another direction now. I'm currently researching films to help put my AIP concept into action. I will be working with photographer Sarah Brimley to create a stop motion fashion ident showcasing my own designs and concepts.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Styling Rokhsan

Also here's one of the finals from the Rokhsan shoot I styled. Go check her out.......she's gooood!! Pleased to say Rokhsan has returned to Tatty as well to borrow the fan visor for an important show case coming up....hope it brings her lots of record label grabbing luck!

Beefeater Gin comp. update

Just an update to say the Beefater Gin competition entry I styled made the top 5!! YEERRRRRR. Bravo Brimmers :)

Tatty Devine/Penhaligon's project

Art direction - Lou Clarke/Sarah Brimley
Photography - Sarah Brimley
Styling - Lou Clarke
Make up and hair - Lucy Barnes
Models - Dan Cansdale
Sarah Riding

Thanks to Timothy Everest, Beyond Retro, Office and Sunbeam Studios.

Tatty Devine


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

2 hours sleep

Here's a teeny tiny quick peek from behind the scenes of Sunday's shoot. Will upload full pics after line release date. That's it. Goodbye.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ziad Ghanem show - Mother Russia. Yerr. It's alright I guess

'Mother Russia' by Ziad Ghanem from Ziad Ghanem on Vimeo.

I got to go down to the Ziad Ghanem show this Monday at LFW. I was quite drunk by the time it came to movie viewing time but I think it was pretty good. Shame it couldn't be realised in an actual live show but I can see making a film is a good way of getting your concept across if your budget isn't large enough to pull off a McQueen style escapade on the catwalk. The clothes didn't kill it for me though, all was a little samey..........I would like to have seen a little more diversity. BUT the prints were beautifully amazing and the movement within the maxi dresses using giant print was a super good call. I'm still interested seeing Ghanem's new moves.

I think I have been a little harsh. I do actually love it.

Bjork, take me to the island.

Ok, so I never normally blog about random people I like BUT......WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Why does she never go wrong.......no not even the year of the swan was a wrong'un in my eyes. And now look, she looks like a little husky dog. Fuck off Gaga and your over hyped sence of style (yes I am bitter because the Gaga wannabe got to go in front of me at the Ziad Gahnem show just because she had a plait on the top of her head at a 90 degree angle) and make way for the all time Queen of mainly everything, Bjork. I think she will live forever. And I probably won't.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

We're in print!

I stalked a man on the bus on my way to work the other week to get my mits on this ShortList magazine. My styling work is in print as part of the Beefeater 24 Gin competition feature. Ok so it's not exactly I.D or Dazed but I was so excited to be seen by loads of commuters around London that day! Hopefully got something pretty exciting coming up which will be involving styling and art directing........I'll let you know when it's actually all in motion.

Now go vote for Sarah Brimley's entry for the Beefeater 24 Gin comp here -

Thank you. Goodbye.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Styling Rokhsan.

Styling singer/songwriter Rokhsan for some up and coming promo shots. Photographer Sarah Brimley. With thanks to Tatty Devine and Beyond Retro for the lends....yet again. All Saints, sort your press department out.

Spent the day at Sunbeam Studios in London getting some looks together for the lovely Rokhsan. She sings nice songs so go check her out on the link above! Yerr. The day went well apart from running over schedule slightly (hmmmmm 2 and a half hours!) but I think Brimmers was on a roll and didn't wanna stop snapping! This shoot was a bit different to my norms as I am normally dressing the model in accordance to the photographers demands but as these pics were for Rokhsan herself she had more say in what she wanted to wear. So it was important to give her pieces which suited her and what her music represents. Not sure if I completely got it right but we filter through the clothes on offer and came up with some looks. I think she looks awesome! Hope she is pleased with the final looks.

That's it. YUP. goodbye

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Assisting on the Tatty S/S11 shoot

Here's a few behind the scenes pics of the Tatty Devine S/S 11 shoot we did on Monday, I was assisting John the stylist. Obvs can't actually show any pics of the jewellery as it is not coming out until next year and Topshop will be hot on heels of any inside news they can get so they can rip it off (poor Topshop, poor). What exactly is going on with Arcadia at the mo (Evans is a crap excuse for a plus size store, Topshop is boring and Miss Selfridge has an unhealthy obsession with jersey. Come on guys).
Anyways, rant over. The studio we used was in an old church but in the end we shot everything outside in their garden as the photographer preferred the lighting out there. I think there's gonna be a second shoot as still have more pieces to photograph but I dunno if I'll be able to go on that one. We shall seeeeee. That's it. Goodbye. I have period pain.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Styling for Brimley - FINAL IMAGE

Here's the final image from the shoot I styled for Sarah Brimley for her Beefeater Gin competition entry. I'm REALLY pleased that Brimmers went for a shot from the earlier line up on the night.......as when more people turned up later the styling started to look messy as the clothes ran out to give out! I think the styling runs really well in this picture.....happy! Thanks to Beyond Retro and Tatty Devine for the lends. EXCELLANTAY. The only thing I'm not keen on is the pointing goth girl's face and massive hand. Otherwise I think everyone looks fab. Yeah I said fab. Good luck Brimmers!!!!! wayyy.

pimp my crapping bike

Me and the metal paint got busy and jazzed up this old raleigh. It's gonna be used as advertisement for Tatty, hence it being covered in the black logo (which I lovingly hand painted on). How nice of me. There's another one to come which Otanuma has already given a base coat of T.D pink to and now I'm gonna jazz it up like it's going to its first rave. That's it. Goodbye.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Behind the scenes on the Sarah Brimley shoot....

Sooooo.....yesterday I spent the day styling for photographer Sarah Brimley's competition entry for Beefeater Gin at Rocket Bar in Canary Wharf. Which will be featured in the Stylist and....erm, some other magazine I can't remember the name of!

It was all pretty last minute and I was meant to be styling 5 people per hour but we ended up shooting everyone at once so the outfits started to run out as more models turned up but I'm relatively pleased with what I came up with. The girls were easy as I had mainly female clothing (after a root around my own goodies and the Tatty Devine press area followed by a trip to Beyond Retro where the lovely boys and gals hooked me up 19 of their finest pieces!!) but the boys were a little more tricky as the other stylist who was going to clothe the guys couldn't make it so we made the most of we could get our mits on the day! I prefer the outfits in the first pictures when the majority of the photo was female as I think they all came together better as I had less control when another girl (ahem, who was VILE and would not wear anything...definately not a way to win someone over if you want more jobs in the future!) and 4 guys (all with AMAZING moustaches!!) turned up later in the evening as there were not many clothes left to give them. And there's a cardigan and a shirt that were snuck on half way through the shoot which I'm really not into, must be more authoritive next time to not be disappointed with final result!

It was a challenge styling 15 models all at once, especially without having any test shots to go away and work with and improve on....but I'm sure the Sarah will make the final image look fantastic anyway. Also met a couple of models who I would definately like to work in the future. It was definately a good learning curve and has given me a lot to think about for the future. I'll whack the final image up when it's ready for public viewing!

One more thing...BIG thanks to the lovely Helena Nelson for doing a grand job assisting me before she had to go off and strut her stuff on the other side of the camera.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

NO NO no no no. Burton, you got some bloody big cocoon shaped shoes to fill

I'm not ready for the McQueen take over. That's it. I'm just not. I know McQueen has said in interviews that he wanted the label to go on if he was to depart the earth as we know it but it's like replacing...well there really is no metaphor for it. Sarah Burton I'm sure you're grand and yes I am in love with red and black strapless resort dress but still, just no. I'm not a fan of change at the best of times and am often won round in the long term but I wouldn't like that to happen as it would be like forgetting. I do feel bad for the girl coz she's never gonna be able to live up to McQueen himself so for the amount of time she is working for Alexander McQueen she will be living in a giants shadow. I commend her for stepping up the biggest challenge in fashion history since I've been alive and she must be madly talented to be given this opportunity so I will be following her creative moves very closely. Burton, you got some bloody big cocoon shaped shoes to fill.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Supermarket Sarah and Tatty do GOOD launch parties. Yerrrrr

Supermarket Sarah herself wearing the super special necklace Tatty Devine had made for her and now available to buy from the magical wall itself.Sophie.....who is filling my shoes as the new intern in the Brick Lane shop......and a much better barmaid than me!!My lovely bosses and founders of Tatty Devine, Rosie and Harriet.Fred Butler and Paternity took to the decks in some pretty damn fine outfits.....tights for sale on the magical wall too!!Ermmmm YEAHHHH!! well good hat.Sarah's partner in crime, Annette.....she's great!!My fellow Brick Laners Amy and Kirsty with Sarah who had her last day with Tatty on the day of the launch.....sad times.Rosie in the amazing milk bottle top over-sized bow hairband. Noice.

...............and then this happened.

Gonna miss hanging out with these goons during the week but the weekends are calling me and it hopefully won't be too long before we are reunited in a sporadic work experience bonus day. I'm the prize winnnnnner. Good BYE.