Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Accidents

Ok so this is the first pic from a series called Happy Accidents. Finally managed to upload the photo of the dreaded Bourbon biscuit which the inspiration the drawing came from. I always see random creatures within any random object so I have decided to document my findings and thoughts to create a series called Happy Accidents. I haven't decided whether to add this onto my An Imaginary Portrait blog after hand-in or create a whole new blog for them. Hmmm. We'll see. This is just a little taster, will let you know when I know where I am going to post the rest. Yep.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Paul Smith by Nick Knight for SHOWStudio

Here are some pics from the SHOWStudio exhibition at Somerset House, the day I went Nick Knight was conducting live shoots all through the day of various people in the fashion industry or people related to it. Philip Tracey and Georgia Jaegar were on later that day but I could wait around to see them. Here's some shots from behind the screen of the Paul Smith shoot, he was really lovely and gave us all a wave! Haha. After following ShowStudio's website for quite a while now it was good to see all the projects I have seen throughout the years come together for one big exhibition. Hopefully there'll be another in a few years time with all the new goodies to show off! It was also perfectly full of research for my current uni project, showcasing a lot of interative fashion films. I'm gonna post these onto my project blog though rather than on here. Codbye.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper skirt....

Paper skirt made by my good self from Barbara Hulanicki print wallpaper for a photography project by Lauren Riou. Lauren collected a series of garments made from different wallpapers to photograph for a still life project so the final photographs were not taken on a model and hung in mid air. I liked the way this pic shows a bit of movement within the skirt though so I wanted to use this pic. I also like the angles created within the skirt from the stiffness of the paper. Cheerio. Old chap.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Clever Tesey!! Final edit layout for Dazed

So here's the final proud of everyone! Love the way Mo has laid the edit out and I think the final pics look wicked. Thanky to Claire Wood for her fab designs (white over-sized coat, white/cream dress pictures next to coat and tassel gillet).

Mo has asked me style her FMP which I really would like to do but just not sure I will have the time to dedicate to it as I will be doing my own last project of the year which might be rather hectic!! We'll see. As I do not want to go into styling I do not want to focus on having it all throughout my portfolio so need to crack on with other projects. I am excited but nervous for my new project as making a film is proving pretty tricky when you can't find a fucking camera man!! Argh. But if worse comes to worse i will make a slide show film and that will have to do! Also hope to have a garment from the end of the film so this will be exciting to see if this actually turns out!! Fingers crossed. Goodbye