Thursday, 22 October 2009

Test shoot....yes I need an iron

Davinia - minus hair and make up

Tasha - plus hair and make-up!

Yes my dress is super creased! I hijacked Mo's test shoot (for her project which I am styling) and got a few quick pics of my first year garments. I wanted to see how they photographed and wanted to try out a couple of models. For the actual shoot I want to use Davinia for the grey skirt with top and Tasha for the dress, as I think they fit these individual pieces better so showing garments off to their full potencial.

The actual shoot will be on location, just a quick shoot (hopefully!) around where I live. I'm going to pitch it kinda as alternative office wear but that sounds cheesy and rank so I need to come up with a better name!

Davinia went first so didn't have a chance to do hair and make-up, whereas Tasha did have time. Mo found the make-up artist from the course run at AUCB, I really like her work, especially the hair so I am planning on asking her to work my shoot for me as well.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

put this in your asshole and smoke it

So you wanna eat the cake? So you wanna eat the shoes?

Bravo to Mucky (this is my pet name for Alexander MuckChickenNuggetQueen) once've combined Christmas and Easter. It looks like the shape of an easter egg but has the sparkles and jazz of Christmas. Definately makes me hungry. You know those cocoons which a beautiful butterfly imerges from, well these shoes are like are beautiful cocoons which means the feet inside these must be magically amazingly beautiful feet. In the grim reality they're probably bloodied and blistered to fuck. And probably a few of her toes are crippled. But as the shoes are so perfect I like to imagine a perfect magical engineered platform inside which looks after your feet, maybe with trap doors and stairs. I think a cross section of this shoe would be a fairytale experience where little people live...........this shoe is their planet and ten pairs makes a universe.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Check out this little sneak in my room.........

I'm too tired to write much. Ok, so while I was ill I had the same view from my bed for a good few days, when I looked over to one side I saw my new Lion friend but he only stayed for about a minute and a half. Formed from my scrumpled up Virgin Mary piece and a beam of light, I'm so happy we got to meet. I always see things like but never manage to get a pic so I'm gonna make more of an effort to do so in the future as this made me happy to have a snap of my sneaky Lion friend. Can you see him? Very bold and proud, kinda opposite to the the Virgin Mary whose persona leads me to believe she is timid and retiring.

Virgin Mary

So the picture of Gaga which I came across in the Sunday times Style mag reminded me of my Virgin Mary project. I really like this image, it's bold and controversial. As if Gaga's a virgin, this point emphasised by this little slutty red lace number. This was the main basis behind my project, that the virgin Mary is not actually a virgin because it is not scientifically possible. I'm a realist, what can I say. It's a project I would definately like to re-visit at some point as it's never really come to a head. This garment is just a section from a design, which has now been worked on and developed into something rather different. It's made from panels which I knitted but as I said I in an earlier post I have broken my Ma's knitting machine so that's the end of that piece for a while. Maybe a massive metal file would do the trick on her machine? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I like to fix things.

PDP notes

Ok so I couldn't really get excited about doing this task. Observing vids about people talking about PDP. Hmmm. I tried. I understand what they're trying to say but I feel like I know what they're saying already and I feel I already do a lot of the things they're saying as well. I know I need to write everything down, no matter how small, as I have a brain the size of a pea but I do this as best I can already. Granted I usually scribble things on tiny scraps of paper and then lose the piece of paper. I have bought a diary so now hopefully I'll use that, bit doubtful but wishful thinking.

I don't like writing big chunks of writing coz personally I don't like to read big chunks of writing because I have a low to minimal attention span and nothing much interests me in large quantities. I respond much better to visuals, probably why I'm doing a creative degree rather than some wanky writing all the time type degree. As I've got older I have even given up pretending to be interested when people tell me uninteresting things and will happily walk off during mid sentence. I realise this makes me look rather rude but people are boring.

While knowing of things I already need improve on I'm sure many more things will become apparant as I continue to learn new things. First things I'm going to work on are mainly my time management and actually attending classes. I'm really not into large groups of people which makes classes challenging but I guess I'm paying like a million bucks for this course so I better go as much as I can. If I manage my time better it will allow me to push my ideas further and research further into them and support my ideas from as much gathered info as possible. Goodbye.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Chalayan at the Design Museum

So these were taken way back in the Summer and when I still had a super crap camera, well actually it was my friend Karens super crap camera on loan since something bad happened to mine, like mice thought it was cheese and carried it off through their little 'n' shaped door in the skirting board into their little home, realising it was way too hard to actually be cheese (Uncle Monty mouse now has a fake front gold tooth) they use it to sit on and pretend to ride a military tank, coz the zoom made a wicked gun.

Anyway, the Hussein Chalayan exhibition did not disappoint, when I saw the video reel at the end with his moving clothes on (which I'd never actually seen properly in their moving element) I nearly shat myself with happiness and realised I will never be as innovitive or as an amazing designer as him and that I may as well give up now and go work in WHSmiths. But (I know you shouldn't start sentences with but) I decided to forget this idea and give something else a bash first. I would have put more pics up but the quality was so low it really wasn't worth it.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Issey Miyake is RAD at fashion

So the creepy monster thing in The Cell is sooooo Issey Miyake Radical Fashion exhibition 2001, although original New York version is from 1999. Check out the beast following in the trend of material walls developing into garments. Fucking genius. It plays on the whole fantastical idea, objects turning into completely different objects, dream like status. Maybe a whole house full of goodies could be realised in turning into outfits.....Chalayans table dress fueling this vision. Codbye.

I don't like Issey Miyake's work, it gives me a gross feeling like the time I had a panic attack round my best friend Clare's house when I was kid and her Mum was listening to 80's new romantic moosac. Yuck.

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Cell

So you need to give this a chance, I know the normal offerings from, ahem, J-Lo (I feel dirty even just writing that) are a general pile of romcom shite but this film is far from this usual styling. I absolutely love the surrealist scenes as Lopez's character goes into the dark and disturbed mind of a serial killer, leaving us with beautiful images of nightmare like scenarios. The colours are bold and set to a limited palette within each scene to convey a strong image. I guess Pans Labarinth shits all over this but I can't help but love this little film!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

You should probably never watch this film but maybe you should.

Taxidermia. Another late night find courtesey of Film 4 from my freeview box to my eyes through my insomnia. Maybe German with subtitles? This is some crazy shit. I don't want to tell you about it. Wicked if you're into surrealism though.