Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I made jumpsuits.........they have pockets and everything

I have a pair of my Grandma's curtains I've wanted to make into a garment for ages and make a mini collection using vintage fabrics called 'you look like you're wearing your Grandma's curtains' but this jumpsuit is not the curtains. The material is an old duvet from a chazza and is just a taster of the collection of vintage fabrics I have accumulated over a few years. I think I like the curtains too much to cut them up now. Boo. Both these jumpsuits were made following a vintage Burda pattern which I bought from Ebay.
This one has been adapted on the top, I wanted a round neck with a low back. I measured the neck of a dress to get the depth of the front and back correct and gave it a centre front to create one panel for the front and one for the back as in the original pattern the top is made from four panels. I put a zip in the side because I thought if would need it to get in and out of it but it turned out not be necassary. If I had made a toile first I would have saved myself the trouble of putting the zip in!! Doofwarley

Our heads have stayed the same size and our bodies have grown.....maybe it's just common practice

Here's me and my bro looking like a complete pair of donuts in the aid of fashion shoot research. We're recreating the pic on the left from when we were kids. Thanks James! Haa. After using a pic from as a kid to go along side the Vuitton ears I decided to take the idea a bit further and use childhood pics as the concept for a photoshoot for two jumpsuits I have made. Obviously in the actual shoot I'll use models but this was was just to get an idea of what I wanted to realise.

Continuous line

I saw this bowl in the Arts of Living Gallery exhibition and it reminded me of the way I draw with continuous lines. The lines on the beech bowl from 1985 are formed from a fungal infection inside the tree. I really like the effect the infection has left. Below are some continuous line drawings from life drawing classes in my first year.

Art Nouveau in N-Town

I've always loved this bit of Art Nouveau architecture in Norwich and I've always loved this dress, can't remember who the bugger is made by now though.............poo.

The Arts of Living Gallery

Section of lady's bodice made with linen, silk and gold thread from 17th century possibly belonging to a member of the Norolf Buxton Family. The Castle Museum has three panels from this bodice and is displaying them in rotation.

Yellow silk (finely ribbed called grosgrain) dress from around 1765-1775 in England. ' This dress reflects Rococo fashion for Chinoiserie.'
This dress is made in england around 1780-85 but influenced by Indian Chintz, an anglicised version. Cotton was first imported from India in 17th centuty and Chintz came from an Indian word meaning 'painted cloth'.
This dress yoke from Glasgow School was made around 1890's - 1900, based on the popular Art Nouveau style from around the time. ' There were several important woman involved in Scottish Art Nouveau and embroidery was a major art-form.' I love the Art Nouveau style and designs due to the beautiful fluid lines and shapes used, it has a romantic yet mysterious, sometimes creepy, feel around it especially in some of the MacDonald sisters paintings which I am a big fan of.

While in Norwich I payed the Castle Museum a visit, which I hadn't been to in years so it had changed quite a bit and unfortunately seemed to lack the creepy feel it used to possess. Maybe this was because the taxidermied animals were absent due to be re-arranged (I can't help but think the curators or whatever you call the people who re-assemble the displays were having fun putting the animals in ridiculous positions) and beacuse I did not get to see the Mummy, which I ALWAYS had to pay a trip to when I was a kid. I kinda made me feel naughty looking a dead person, like I shouldn't really of been looking. But anyway...............yeah, looked around their new the Arts of Living Gallery which is dedicated to style and design from Norwich over the last 600 years, including fashion, textiles, jewellery and ceramics.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Alis Pelleschi

If I could do that typing heart thing right now I would. But I can't. Emily Oops!, who I did work experience with, introduced me to Alis and her work. I think she may be the subject matter in photo (not sure?!) but I know she takes the pics herself too. I love the styling in this photograph, sexy quriky kitsch with a sence of humour. Luscious.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stella misses a trick.............

Fuck wearing animals fur and just dress like you want to be them instead. A much more humane approach to the whole idea of animal influence in fashion. And probably means you won't go to hell. The celebrities are all over this trend right now. Seeing the likes of Lily Allen and good ol' Gaga in their ears and veil numbers, in the same vein as the Olsen twins (pictured here) whereas as Florence (above the Olsen's) went for a full on diamante creature/gimp mask-esque headpiece. Nice flozzer.

Peter Jensen's killing it for me right now with his bunny prints all over his latest collection AND the amazing illustrated backgrounds in the promo shots for them. LOVE LOVE LOVE and love. I am sooooooooooo pleased to see Tatty Devine team up with Peter Jensen (first pic) to carry on the dressing as an animal trend and create these amazing rabbit face glasses. I know what I'm donning down la plage next Summer. I'm sure my love affair with Tatty Devine will never end. If only they knew.............lets make plastic babies

Rabbit Rabbit.........

While visiting my parents home in Norfolk I was looking through some old photo's. I found this one of me as a wee nipper. After recently watching America's Next Top Model, they did a photoshoot which used the wannabe models old baby photo's as inspiration for the styling in their up and coming models shoots. It worked really well as a concept and the final images were really fun and cleverly styled. When I found this pic of myself dressed up as a rabbit and our, ahem, outfits being in similar colour ways for a school play it reminded me of the Vuitton rabbit ears.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Edukators.......

Insomnia breeds film knowledge. Watch The Edukators and wish your parents gave birth to you around 25/30 years before the 1950's and called you Che Guevara. Then realise you're not as big of a shit stain on society as you once thought as you find yourself, obviously, siding with the young lead characters throughout the film. This will be questionable mid way through as you reminisce about how many more morals you had and practiced when you were five and struggle with the realisation you are infact, a c**t now. I love my course.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Virgin Mary

Sorry bout the crap quality of the pics, will try and find the previously scanned originals. So, I took these pics bout 5 years ago as part of my Virgin Mary project (which has never come to conclusion) and finally got round to mounting them up on my wall (there's 4 pics in the series), in frames which I picked up from various chazza's around Norwich. Much love.

put a donk on it

So....I loved Siavash Sabba's style very much this Summer, really fun! So I thought I'd draw him. He is currently organising some kind of creative project which he is inviting all creative types to get involved get involved! Nuff said. Goodbye. i like his hair

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Leibovitz does not like that. dirty

So I just heard about Annie Leibovitz's court case on the news, bummer hey. So I googled her to what goodies I could find by her. A favourite was this Vogue shoot from 2003, based on Alice in Wonderland if hadn't already guessed. I picked out my fav pics, a different dress for Alice in every photo was designed by a different designer, pictured with her in each one I think!!

Thought this was pretty topical for the imminent offering from Tim Burton. It also kinda fits in well with my 'your my favourite cup of tea' teeny tiny project I've been working on. I say working, I kinda mean messing around with. As the tea cup is a feaure of the Mad Hatters tea party, how very English darling. We're mad and we like tea. I don't like tea so does that mean I'm not mad either..........

Friday, 4 September 2009

Ding flipping DONG

Ermmm, yeah, well........this pic (glasses by Bless) has been attached to my pinboard for way too long so I thought I'd give it an airing. Enjoy. Oooo yeah they double up as a comb too, do I hear you say multi-tasking, it is the 21st century after all.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tavi Gevinson.......oh lord

OK. So I came across this kid while being forced to buy Pop as it was the only decent looking piece of literature in WHSmiths on the magazine racks, while I had a two hour wait for a coach back to Bournemouth. Although looking at her blog after reading the article I am surprised I have not heard of her before, she seems to have been in nearly every fashion mag going! I'm waiting for her to pop up in Vogue now.

While being insanely jealous of her, as she is much cooler than me, has better clothes than me and a better career already, being only 13 years of age........I can't help but like her. She lives and breathes fashion, conveying and translating her thoughts and visions through her blog (The New Girl in Town). She has been slated by press disputing her age and that it must be a scam but lets give her a break. She still looks her age, not piling on loads of make-up or dying her locks, she just has a penchant for putting outfits together! Although, I don't doubt she probably has a rich Mommy and Daddy behind her but she's only using it for good as she devotes her time and blog space to charities as well. If not a little pretentious, a definate inspiration........I say Go Tavi! Lets just hope she doesn't crash and burn before her time and become a Larry Clark post teen tragedy. Good luck.

Coco Avant Chanel..........C'est tres bon!

Alo. J'ai pris mon ami Jodie au cinema pour son anniversaire Lundi. J'avais voulu le voir pour des ages! J'adore Gabrielles attitude et trouve inspirant. A strong opinionated lady who knew exactly what she liked concerning her style, which meant setting herself apart from everyone else of that era. I guess this then led her to her success. It was also nice to see that her love interest ended up being a help rather than a hindrance to her career in the film, which shows the true meaning of love. Allez regarde!!