Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I liked this photograph coz it reminded me of one of those random ones you find while looking through junk in Snoopers Paradise. I find the subject matter odd as it kinda looks like a new photo made to look old as the person wearing the skeleton suit looks rather androgynous which is a current look to have in a fashion photograph. I thought they may have been photoshopped in to start with. It's just pretty random and I like it because it looks like it has a story to tell from the past.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Circus shoot styling

While getting together the crash helmet for the Schadenfreude project it reminded me of the circus shoot I styled earlier in the year as I sourced a different motobike helmet, my Grandma kindly gave me her helmet she used to use in the 1950's when she used to ride with Grandad. It played a part in bringing together the outfit for the cannonball shooter, along with a white jumpsuit and disheveled hair. It was all part of Morwenna Tese's circus shoot which she pitched to Dazed and Confused who were very complimentary of the project. I will hopefully get to do some more work with her in the future.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Royal London College of Fashion exhibition

While at the V&A I also looked around the Royal London College of Fashion's degree/MA(?) show. This was one of my favourite garments due to the bold shape which looks fairly simple but very striking. Looks rather stiff to wear mind! Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the designer for this particular garment.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

V&A's Fashion in Motion : Giles Deacon

Last Friday I went to the sold out Giles Deacon show at the V&A, thank you Nai for our freebies! It was interseting to see his work, unable to distinguish a flow of continuity throughout his work it left me loving certain pieces and questioning others! Some favoutrites were the giant pac man style head pieces and giant chunky knitwear. An oversized box shaped coat using an art nouveau style woven fabric also stood out, the colours were amazing.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Left, Giles Deacon and right, Tea and Cake for Topshop. Love these skeleton influenced garments, the use of colour makes them a lot less sinister looking than the usual black and white. I want to explore using florals to create bone shapes on clothing, maybe a baggy jumpsuit.

Jingall.......he'll swipe your squash

While staying in Brighton my friends Julie and James put me up, cheers loves! The painting above is by James Ingall as part of his MA collection. He said the interest in painting paint splodges came from the notion of taking time over painting something which could be formed in seconds in its actual form. It was painted from a photograph James took using acetate to achieve the different perspectives. I love the subject matter of the picture, the contrast of a dark structured image of a skeleton mixed with naive primary coloured paint splats. Lovely. The photo doesn't do it justice and it's massive!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


This is one of the drawings from my first project, an illustration module based on the word Schadenfreude. I am planning on turning three or four of the drawings into garments. This picture isn't one of the chosen designs. I am gonna start with a knitted helmet when I go to Norwich in a couple of weeks time, after hopefully aquiring an old motorbike helmet off papa daddio. This will be to go with a printed silk dress if everything goes to plan! Not exactly sure how I am going to execute the helmet but I'm hoping it will come to me when the materials are in front of me!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Feral Tribal shoot for Oops, loves it...........

For my final day at Oops, Emily and I did a photoshoot to promote some of her latest work. The theme was tribal, feral, Aztec warriors! It was so much fun, we got to dress up and paint our faces. Didn't get half as many strange looks walking down the street in this get up as I had first imagined! The weather was mainly on our side, being that the sea was actually warm(ish!) and the clouds worked in our favor for the creepy, moody ambience of the shoot, while the rain held off. Would have been cool if we had a bounce to high light the clothes more but I think the pictures turned out really well, these two pictured above were the overall winners on the day.

Monday, 6 July 2009

London with Emily Oops

Today I went to London with Emily on my work experience placement. Pictured above is a changing room at one of her stockists, Shock and Soul in Islington which we visited to drop off stock and to meet with new potencial clients. I was quite taken with the changing room, I've never seen anything like it before! The potencial new client, a Japanese designer, decided to take on some of Emily's Autumn collection to sell in her boutique in Japan after seeing her work in another show room in Brick Lane. Fantastic. Oops also sells in Sweden, Bahrain and now Japan! We went fabric shopping which was very succesful for the african prints but not so lucky with the tweed as her usual supplier only stocks tweed for Autumn/Winter. It was good to see how Emily sources her fabrics.

Stamner Park.........

My attention span is too low for sunbathing. So I drew Julie and Dan sunbathing, these jammy beggers are used to the mad heat being long haul cabin crew for Virgin and BA. Japan please, thanks.

Friday, 3 July 2009

You can leave your hat on. Yeah good one.

This is a head piece I made today today at Oops to use for a photoshoot next week. It's made from scraps from garment material, this one was my favourite, I love the print and the shape. It was based on a flower but I like how it just looks like a random shape and doesn't obviously look like a flower. Nice.

Swivel. No, I can't. It's got no legs.

I used to have an obession with taking pictures of seats/chairs in random places. It makes me wonder what they're doing there, who sat on it, why, what was going on around them while they were sitting on it and when coz they i only see the seat uninhabited. Saw this beauty on the way to my work placement yesterday morning, it was gone this morning.