Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Accidents

Ok so this is the first pic from a series called Happy Accidents. Finally managed to upload the photo of the dreaded Bourbon biscuit which the inspiration the drawing came from. I always see random creatures within any random object so I have decided to document my findings and thoughts to create a series called Happy Accidents. I haven't decided whether to add this onto my An Imaginary Portrait blog after hand-in or create a whole new blog for them. Hmmm. We'll see. This is just a little taster, will let you know when I know where I am going to post the rest. Yep.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Paul Smith by Nick Knight for SHOWStudio

Here are some pics from the SHOWStudio exhibition at Somerset House, the day I went Nick Knight was conducting live shoots all through the day of various people in the fashion industry or people related to it. Philip Tracey and Georgia Jaegar were on later that day but I could wait around to see them. Here's some shots from behind the screen of the Paul Smith shoot, he was really lovely and gave us all a wave! Haha. After following ShowStudio's website for quite a while now it was good to see all the projects I have seen throughout the years come together for one big exhibition. Hopefully there'll be another in a few years time with all the new goodies to show off! It was also perfectly full of research for my current uni project, showcasing a lot of interative fashion films. I'm gonna post these onto my project blog though rather than on here. Codbye.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper skirt....

Paper skirt made by my good self from Barbara Hulanicki print wallpaper for a photography project by Lauren Riou. Lauren collected a series of garments made from different wallpapers to photograph for a still life project so the final photographs were not taken on a model and hung in mid air. I liked the way this pic shows a bit of movement within the skirt though so I wanted to use this pic. I also like the angles created within the skirt from the stiffness of the paper. Cheerio. Old chap.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Clever Tesey!! Final edit layout for Dazed

So here's the final proud of everyone! Love the way Mo has laid the edit out and I think the final pics look wicked. Thanky to Claire Wood for her fab designs (white over-sized coat, white/cream dress pictures next to coat and tassel gillet).

Mo has asked me style her FMP which I really would like to do but just not sure I will have the time to dedicate to it as I will be doing my own last project of the year which might be rather hectic!! We'll see. As I do not want to go into styling I do not want to focus on having it all throughout my portfolio so need to crack on with other projects. I am excited but nervous for my new project as making a film is proving pretty tricky when you can't find a fucking camera man!! Argh. But if worse comes to worse i will make a slide show film and that will have to do! Also hope to have a garment from the end of the film so this will be exciting to see if this actually turns out!! Fingers crossed. Goodbye

Thursday, 19 November 2009

mothy mothyson.......

Final shoot part one, behind the scenes. Showing Sarah Harrison on hair and make-up, Camilla Kay modelling, Mo Tese photographing and myself styling. Unfortunately we will have to do another shoot, Mo was hoping to get it all shot in this one, but being my silly self I had some of the clothes needed sent to the wrong address in the East of Anglia to my parents house!! Whoopsie. It meant we didn't have to rush through outfits though and try and fit them all in in this shoot which was good as less stressful and could take more time shooting each individual outfit.

Really pleased with how they are looking so far, we decided to take take the styling down a slighty grungier/less prissy look as the photographer didn't feel the overall look was fitting in with her proposed publication. So I have changed outfits around since the test shoot, as it was looking more Lula than Wonderland. Looking forward to seeing final spread, will put pics up when finished.

Brown and cream tassel gillet by Claire Wood.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Memories of a miniture magpie

I'm wondering if I have so many happy memories as being a kid is because I just can't remember the later years coz I've been drunk since I was about 14. Seeing the new couture pimp Gaga advertising one of her customers talents, wearing it rather than putting it on a street corner for all to see, I got that amazing woft of nostalgia. My cousin used to have an outfit for her barbie which was some 80's iridescent body con holes cut out the side mini dress, made out of a plastic kinda material........I loved it and always wanted my Barbie to have it to wear. I remember being semi mesmerized by it everytime I went round and we played Barbies. So seeing this McQueen outfit made me so happy, it instantly reminded me of those times.....and it's head to toe coverage which means optimum iridescent allowence. YESSSSSSSSSS. Oh.My.God. I just want to recreate this in my next 'making' project at uni, nothing else matters. For now. Goodbye, good end to a shitty week....every cloud has a silver lining and this is mine.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

River Island project flyer got back

On a lighter note I made these and I like them. Thanks goes to my lovely housemate and her butt. I think the latter would be a good flyer as it's an image people would remember and maybe get them talking. I also really like the top one, it is quite a bold strong image which conveys the essence of our event with a , so I was told, American apparel/Urban Outfitters type feel to it. Which is good to help the River Island brand step out of it's boring run of the mil type image and get it to be seen in a different light. But when the consumer walks in and see's the clothes, they'll realise it's still shit but at least it got them in the store and they might find an unsuspected gem.

I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars

So we're meant to reflect on our River Island event project presentations. What can I say. Ours was the crappest of the whole groups and not just by a whisker. Is there any communication between the tutors on this course? (Do you love how I instantly blame someone else, I have noticed this an occuring trate of mine). After asking Gail (visiting tutor for this module?) if we needed to speak over it she said it should be self explanatory, presumingly so if sent River Island they would undertand it, and that we didn't need to speak over it. Yet when we say this at the beginning of our power point presentation we were confronted with a patronising semi gasp of breath or maybe an eye roll from our other tutor Tammy, which spelt out in two seconds that we should have planned a speech to accompany it. So we were made to start the film again and talk through it with no preparation and got looked at like we didn't have a clue about our event as we bumbled some words together when we actually have a very good understanding of all aspects. It could have all easily been talked through had we known we were meant to. I've vowed never to cry at uni over work coz I hate little bitches who cry coz they've messed up and hope through their pathetic display of tears that someone will make things better for them. But I did want to cry. So you can imagine my frustration, felt like all our hard work and planning had just gone down the poop shoot.

What did I learn? I can't really talk about what I learnt from our own presentation right now, I'm not sure I'm thinking clearly. From others peoples....speak clearly and in an engaging manor (some peoples voices are just so uninteresting, not saying mine isn't) or the viewer loses interest, have a clear thought out plan of what exactly or round about what you are going to say, don't bombared the viewer with loads of info (summarise briefly, don't repeat yourself, get to the point), visual pass-rounds are OK but distract from the presentation (this maybe my loose attention span), don't use electric blue type face against a black back ground, errrr, yeah, that's it. Oh and maybe get pills from doctor to not shake.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Testing garments and lighting................

The prints on these two pieces fit in great as they resemble the print on the moths wings. I like the skirt tucked in so you can see the pattern well on the skirt, you only get a wee glimpse otherwise!
I love all these colours together and the different textures work well together, lace, mesh, feathers and leather!
I really like the shape of the black tassel waistcoat but I prefer the block colour of the previous outfit, although this may help tie the dark and the lighter outfits together throughout the whole shoot. I would like to try both again on the actual shoot and then let Mo decide which suits the overall spread best when all images are together.
Again, the textures on this work well, sequins, lace, leather and metal. I would like try it with a white leather jewelled vintage vintage belt I have or an oversized white necklace.
This one I am not madly keen on, I like the way all the lines are going towards the floor inline with one another but I think the outfit is a little dull, maybe try with printed/textured tights and it might add something to it.
I really like the shape here, would like to keep bare top and add rodarte style tights and black shoe boots instead of the grey.
Love this piece, unfortunately this pic doesn't show it off to it's best as it is a bit light. Would like to keep this this outfit simple with just the shoes and zip dress as there's a lot going on within the dress and gives a bold block of texture, yet with the loose over-sized baggy fit and the longer length allows for a vunerable feel.

Here's the first test shoot with everyone on set. Hair, make-up, clothing and the photographer!! Mo the photographer was testing her lighting so I tested outfits out, seeing which pieces worked together well, this then allowing me to see exactly what we need to get for actual shoot and what we are missing. Also allowing me to see how the garments looked in front of the camera and if they worked well in this context as well. Shoes and accessories are definately needed, didn't bring any to this shoot, except the one pair of Topshop shoe boots.

I'm happy with 5 of the outfits we tested for definate and we were left with a few maybe's. I have written a list of all the other outfits will be getting and a list of accessories and shoes which will be needed. Have to check our budget!! Eek.

Initial ideas........

Currently working on a styling a fashion shoot for Mo Tese's 3rd year project. Mo has beased her project on moths and has given me shapes and colours which she wants to work with. Using muted colours, beige, white, brown, cream and black with various textures using layering. Some silouettes will be bold, taking on the shape of the moths wings in different positions whereas others will focus more on the misture of textures. Poses will involve a vunerable shy cocoon transforming into a bold moth, the pics may get mixed up though when deciding on final spread anway so this is just a loose idea to help decide on outfits. These drawings are just some quick initial ideas, some which I have chosen and others which Mo has talked me through exactly what she would like, now it's my job to realise these in actual garments!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Beavering away making Amy's Halloween costume. Lauren propped the pumkin up with a bible. Not sure I can spell today. I don't think Amy had many bones left by the end of the night! I made a friend, he tripped up the curb, fell in a bush and I never saw him again.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Test shoot....yes I need an iron

Davinia - minus hair and make up

Tasha - plus hair and make-up!

Yes my dress is super creased! I hijacked Mo's test shoot (for her project which I am styling) and got a few quick pics of my first year garments. I wanted to see how they photographed and wanted to try out a couple of models. For the actual shoot I want to use Davinia for the grey skirt with top and Tasha for the dress, as I think they fit these individual pieces better so showing garments off to their full potencial.

The actual shoot will be on location, just a quick shoot (hopefully!) around where I live. I'm going to pitch it kinda as alternative office wear but that sounds cheesy and rank so I need to come up with a better name!

Davinia went first so didn't have a chance to do hair and make-up, whereas Tasha did have time. Mo found the make-up artist from the course run at AUCB, I really like her work, especially the hair so I am planning on asking her to work my shoot for me as well.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

put this in your asshole and smoke it

So you wanna eat the cake? So you wanna eat the shoes?

Bravo to Mucky (this is my pet name for Alexander MuckChickenNuggetQueen) once've combined Christmas and Easter. It looks like the shape of an easter egg but has the sparkles and jazz of Christmas. Definately makes me hungry. You know those cocoons which a beautiful butterfly imerges from, well these shoes are like are beautiful cocoons which means the feet inside these must be magically amazingly beautiful feet. In the grim reality they're probably bloodied and blistered to fuck. And probably a few of her toes are crippled. But as the shoes are so perfect I like to imagine a perfect magical engineered platform inside which looks after your feet, maybe with trap doors and stairs. I think a cross section of this shoe would be a fairytale experience where little people live...........this shoe is their planet and ten pairs makes a universe.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Check out this little sneak in my room.........

I'm too tired to write much. Ok, so while I was ill I had the same view from my bed for a good few days, when I looked over to one side I saw my new Lion friend but he only stayed for about a minute and a half. Formed from my scrumpled up Virgin Mary piece and a beam of light, I'm so happy we got to meet. I always see things like but never manage to get a pic so I'm gonna make more of an effort to do so in the future as this made me happy to have a snap of my sneaky Lion friend. Can you see him? Very bold and proud, kinda opposite to the the Virgin Mary whose persona leads me to believe she is timid and retiring.